An opportunity to manufacture sustainable products at a lower cost.

Technology Overview

Polymer Fusion Molding “PFM” is a Patent Pending Method and Apparatus whereby mixed comingled waste polymers are treated to arrive at the manufacturing plant in a sized format ready to be used in the PFM molding process.  The specifications of the mix are predetermined based upon criteria from the final product performance. A casting machine automatically distributes the powder from a hopper into the mold. The appropriate time, temperature and pressure are applied through computer programming.  A blowing agent provides core material expansion within the process. Upon final cooling the product is lifted from the mold onto a conveyance system to inventory.

EMC holds the global rights to the polymer fusion molding (PFM) technology – the Intellectual Property of which is patent pending. PFM is a successfully tested process for highly efficient thermal polymer molding of an infinite variety of products utilizing low cost waste plastics.

EMC grants manufacturing licenses to entities interested in producing a wide range of environmentally friendly products. EMC is a relationship driven, team oriented company with a strong desire to ensure manufacturing profitability.

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Our Goal

EMC will provide the PFM process to manufacturers worldwide, revolutionizing the global products industry through innovative, sustainable and cost effective goods, with the added benefit of improving the environment.

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Our Mission

To create an upward spiral of low cost, quality products leading to manufacturing profitability, leading to a better environment, and creating jobs for Americans all the while providing an ever-increasing demand for more manufacturing through recycling.

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